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Good but I had issues.

Affliction - River Savage
This book leaves me torn. When I read Incandescent, I loved Sy. He was quiet and moody and mysterious. I even liked Holly. She was fun and a great friend to Kadence. But there was something different in this book. I'm not sure exactly what changed with Holly, but she felt off to me. Her fun personalty came off as annoying sass that was trying too hard. So it was really hard to connect with her in the beginning. And I really didn't like her for Sy. 
It wasn't until the overlapping events from the first book the kidnapping and shooting and how Holly changed in the aftermath that I warmed up to her. She still had some sass and attitude, but she wasn't forced anymore. It felt more natural and she was easier to connect to. But once she started going back to her "old self" I started having issues again. I just didn't care for her attitude & personality. I guess I liked her when she was more serious. 
Story-wise, this book was heartbreaking. It was pretty obvious that Sy was hiding his past in Incandescent, so I couldn't wait to find out more about him. There were quite a few flashbacks for him, all surrounding a certain event that happened in his life. Let me tell you, that there was one in particular that literally tore my heart out, made me sob and have to put the book down for the night. Poor Sy just couldn't catch a break. So I was really happy to see him finally find out everything that Holly went through and get his HEA. 
Holly might not have been my favorite heroine, but by the end of the book, I was glad to see them happy and starting a life together. I'm definitely curious about the other guys in the MC and what their stories will be.