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Really enjoyable!

Keystrokes - Lisa Marie, Kathy Krick

I found this book to be extremely enjoyable! 


Even though I've been blogging about books for almost two years, I have to admit that my posts don't go beyond reviews, promos and cover reveals. I don't typically talk about other book related items. But this book made me want to. The premise of the book was that a book blogger was chosen to be the exclusive reporter/blogger about the latest book turned movie. She got complete access to the set, actors and such. And she got to blog about the making of the movie. And that got me to thinking about what being in that position would be like, and what book I would want to cover and what actor I would want to play the lead roll. It also made it really clear that I had no idea what book I would choose or what actor. But I loved that this book made me stop and think about that. (And just an FYI, I would love it if I got chosen to blog about a book being made into a movie!)


So I loved Farrow's love and enthusiasm for books and blogging. She was like an instant bff. I also loved the friendship that developed between Kasen and Farrow. I'll admit that I wish there had book a little more of that. I'm not unhappy with the speed of their relationship, but I loved the friendship/flirtation that was going on so much that I wanted more. 


Typically I love dual POV books but for me, the dual POV detracted from the story. Kasen's personality was one way in the beginning, but when they went to visit his mother during a holiday and we got his POV for the first time, there was a change in him. It wasn't horrible but it was different from the guy we met in the beginning. 


Overall, I found this to be really enjoyable and would definitely read more from the author in the future.