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Yippee Skippee!

So, I'm not exactly sure how this site works and I don't know my way around but I do know one thing...this site gives us something that another site doesn't! We can rate 1/2 stars here!!!



I am beyond excited about that.   In the past (and on the other site) I refused to rate things in half stars. If it wasn't reflected in the star ratings then it didn't need to be there. But then I started my blog with a friend and there was no way around the half stars. We would do joint reviews, each of us would rate it then we average the rating and it would typically end up with a half star. The good news was I was the one that created  the graphics so I created our half star ratings. So there were no problems in rating books the way we wanted.


Well, when I joined this site, it was to keep in contact with people that have decided to leave the other review site. I didn't want to lose the friends I had made, so I decided to follow them over here and get a feel for the place. I can't say I'm going to move over exclusively but I'm just now realizing that the blog format of this place allows me the freedom to talk about stuff (book related) that's not about a specific book. Sure, you can do that on the other site but it's in a group and your comments can easily get lost.


But here, I can post this on my page and I like that.


There might be some sun peeking through the censorship clouds after all.