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Something Great - M.  Clarke I really enjoyed the first part of the book. It was a solid 4. Guy and girl see each other across a restaurant, eyes lock…instant attraction for both of them. Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend and he’s there with someone else. But call it fate or serendipity, they keep running into each other. And let the wooing ensue!

I really did like the first half of the book. I love the dance between Max and Jenna…will then end up together? Will Jena give in and start dating him? She was obviously attracted to him but she isn’t convinced that she should dump her perfectly good boyfriend for a guy she doesn’t know. But Max is sweet. He keeps up the wooing, to gain her affection. And they were small and simple things. He sent her flowers, rice Krispy treats and lunch dates.

I liked Max, he was a nice guy. He was hot and he knew it. But he knew what he wanted and he went after it. And he wanted Jenna.

My issues came after 50%. Max declared his intentions and his interest and I couldn’t help feeling like there was nothing left to tell. Either they were going to be together for the next 50% of they were going to do the annoying routine of break up and get back together multiple times. Unfortunately, it was a little of both. Max and Jenna were blissfully happy for most of the second half. And I found myself a little bored. Then, there was a huge issue that the author did a good job of setting up throughout the book but when it happened (and they broke up), everything was forgiven too quickly. I just felt like it was a lost moment. All set up and little payoff.

Oh, and I have to address the ending...I was led to believe that there was a cliffhanger. THAT IS NOT TRUE. You can make the argument that it's a "to be continued" or a "wanting more" ending, but I was satisfied with it.

But, I was impressed with the author’s work, and it was (overall) an enjoyable read. I would definitely recommend it to others and I would read more from the author.