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More Than This (More, #1) - Jay McLean I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into with this book. A couple of friends recommended it to me and I’m a sucker for anything baseball related. But this line “*This is our story of a maybe ever after.* scared me. That definitely made it seem like there wouldn’t be a HEA (thank god there was) and to be perfectly honest…I’m tired of jumping off cliffs and waiting months or even a year for the conclusion. And god forbid that there’s another cliffhanger. But, I was assured that this had a HEA, so I jumped in.

I loved the beginning of this book. I liked Kayla/Micky/Mikayla. And I loved her family. They had me cracking up! And the author did a great job of bringing tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. I loved that the parents played a significant part in this book. That’s not always the case in YA or NA books but in this case, the parents weren’t absentee parents that were there because a teen needed a parent or adult as a guardian. I actually felt like the parents in this book loved their kids. It was a nice change from all the other YA/NA books I read with crappy parental figures.

I really did like Kayla. She was a strong character, even though she didn’t see herself that way. She went through a lot in such a small amount of time and I admire her for the way she got through it. And Jake was truly a prince for the way he supported her.

My one issue started at the 50% mark. The story itself wasn’t bad, but I had issues with the games and lack of communication between Jake and Kayla. There was so much back and forth that I wanted to Gibbs slap both of them and tell them to start talking to each other and get things out in the open. I started to feel like the miscommunication was just there as a plot device to stretch out the book. And the story was good enough that I didn’t think it needed it.

As for the tragedy/twist…I’m not going to spoil anything except to say that I had an inkling but didn’t quite put it all together as to how it happened. But once it was revealed, it made perfect sense.

Even with my issue with the book, I still feel this is a must read book. And I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Logan.