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Twinsequences (Twisted Twin, #1) - Jennifer Foor I was really scared to read this book after seeing some of the other reviews of Goodreads. But I decided to go into it wit an open mind and after starting it, for better or worse, I was hooked. I started this book and Hours later I was done. I can't say I loved it though. Yes, It was addictive but the characters were so messed up that there were times that I hated all of them. In a way, this was a really messed up version of Sweet Valley High.

Willow... I liked her (and felt sorry for her) until I didn't. I could relate to her... working hard in school to set herself on the right path. And while it wasn't the same I had a friend that would go out her way to flirt & hook up with guys her friends liked. Needless to say, we weren't friends long. So in that respect, I could relate to Willow. So I liked her until she decided to get revenge. And that's saying something because in her situation, I would be all for revenge. I was glad to see her standing up for herself. But she went about it all wrong. Instead of just exposing Ivy, Willow stooped to her lever and became no better than Ivy. Granted, she wasn't as evil but I still didn't like her plan.

Ivy. I hated her. Plain and simple. I've had characters seriously piss me off in the past. They've made me want to drop kick them or even go all queen of hearts on them. But Ivy is the first one to make me want to play the murder of a fictional character.

And that brings me to Ivy and Willow's parents. Willow must be a better person than me because if I were her, I wouldn't forgive them for the way they treated her.

Stoshua...Stosh. I really hated that name. Stosh reminded me of mustache and Stoshua was just plain awkward to read. But character wise...I was really doing a yo-yo act with him. At first I liked him. Then I didn't like him. Then i liked him. Then I hated him. Finally...I was kind of indifferent to him. He pulled one to many stunts for me to like him by the end.

Overall story...it as like something straight out of a soap opera. Strike that...I think it was a Soap opera...on crack. It had so many twists and turns that even if I wanted to put it down (and there were a few moments when I did), I couldn't because I just had to know how it ended.

Speaking of the ending...I wasn't all that happy with it. Yes, it had a HEA. And it wasn't a cliff hanger (thank god) but...I felt Ivy got off to easy...way to easy. And now I see that there's going to be a sequel to this book and I'm left shocked and scratching my head because honestly...there's no need. There was a HEA and a satisfactory ending for Willow and Stosh. And if the second book is about Ivy...No thank you. I don't enjoy reading about psycho characters. And living through her in one book was bad enough when she was a secondary character. I have no desire to read a whole book about her. I don't want her to have a happy ending. I want her to drive off a steep cliff into the the ocean...then have the ocean floor open and swallow her whole...never to be seen or heard from again.

I can't say I love this book...because I didn't. I had too many issues for that to happen. But, i can say that I wouldn't be opposed to reading another book by the author. My previous foray into Ms. Foor's books didn't go so well. But I've seen much improvement in the storytelling that I'm willing to read more from her.