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Pleasures Untold - Lisa Sanchez This book started out really good. It moved much faster (in a good way) than Eve of Samhain. Since the world had been built and the main character introduced in the previous book, you were able to jump right into the story and know what was going on. However, I’m not quite sure what happened between the first book (EoS) and this book. But Martha changed. She was still the tough chick that had a hard life and was misunderstood by nearly everyone around her but…she wasn’t as smart in this book as she was in the previous. And I found her to be extremely irritating at times. To the point that I was rolling my eyes and wanting to knock some sense into her.

On to the supporting characters/friends…This is where the book fell apart for me. I missed Ryann. I get that the book wasn’t about her, and that was fine, but there was only one small mention of her. One. For the whole book. And Martha kept going on about how Taylor and Jessica were her best friends and the only people to ever accept her and I cry foul on that. Ryann was the first person to accept her. She befriended Martha. She embraced Martha. And she was completely forgotten by Martha. And what’s even worse is Ryann was forgotten by Jessica. According to Eve of Samhain, Jessica and Ryann were best friends, practically sisters. Jessica’s mom took Ryann under her wing and treated her like another daughter. And yet, with everything that went down in the book…she wasn’t there. So either Ryann is a horrible person, one we didn’t know at all after Eve of Samhain, or Martha and Jessica were complete phonies that weren’t really her friends and dropped her when she moved out of the apartment. And if Ryann was married and on her honeymoon…then shouldn’t one of her “friends” mentioned that? Or shouldn’t someone had thought to call her and tell her that all he!! had broken lose and she was needed at home?

Xan (not a huge fan of that name…or his McVampy name), but I loved him. He was strong, protecting, mysterious and HOT. Lisa Sanchez is extremely talented at making her heroes the hottest thing going. I would read her books for that alone. But it doesn’t hurt that I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read of hers so far. :)

This book was definitely action packed and an enjoyable read. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more but both Eve of Samhain and Pleasures Untold are must read books.