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Broken at Love - Lyla Payne I’ve had this book on my mind since I first heard about it. It stuck with me. Lol, I even forgot the title of it but the description stuck with me and bugged me because I couldn’t remember which book it was. Then, miracle of miracles, I came across it during a search for my next book. I think I did a happy dance, but I knew right away that I was starting it right away. And less than 24 hours later, I was done with it.

I really enjoyed this book. Quinn was the definition of bad boy. But he was also someone that was spiraling out of control because his planned future had been pulled out from under him. Emilie really had his number though. She saw through his act and his lies. She forced him to be read, act real, and experience real emotions. Because of this, I wasn’t sure how she would react/deal with the news of Quinn and Sebastian’s game (and you just k now that she’ll find out). But I ended up liking her reaction.

My biggest complaint with this book was I wanted more Quinn. I wanted to see into his head more (and you do get his POV). I wanted to really see his emotions. I also wanted to see more of his interactions with Emilie through him. But, those complaints are minor considering I couldn’t put this down once I stared it and I enjoyed it immensely.

I can’t wait to read more from this series and more from this author.