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Never Too Far - Abbi Glines This book was disappointing. And I hate saying that because I’ve been waiting months to read this…ever since I finished Fallen Too Far and I saw that horrible ending. Unfortunately the phrase that kept coming to mind as I read…disappointing.

The book picks up almost exactly where Fallen Too Far left off. We don’t miss much. But things are different. Characters are different. Blaire went from a strong capable woman to a scared girl. I understand why she was scared…but after coming to terms with her situation, I expected her to be more of her old self. But she wasn’t. She was constantly scared that Rush was going to leave her or that he didn’t want her or that he didn’t want the baby. I know she was emotional for a reason, but her personality was so different, that it was hard to recognize everything I liked about her from the first book.

Rush. image

image I loved him. He was a jerk but he was a jerk because he was fighting his attraction to Blaire. I got it. I loved it. But…he was also different in this book. I felt like he had turned into a whiney sissy with anger management issues and the inability to keep his promises. He kept telling Blaire that he picked her over Nan and yet he kept running off to Nan’s side and leaving Blaire…hurting Blaire. I don’t mean the end when Nan was in the hospital. That was understandable. He should have been there. Maybe not around the clock, 24/7 but he should have been there. But he also should have allowed Blaire to be there…for him. What I didn’t like, was the way he treated Blaire. The way he yelled at her and kicked her out of his truck. All without making sure she was ok and able to get into the house. He treated her like crap, he was downright hurtful to her. And the worst part, was she immediately forgiving him and took him back. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted them to have a HEA. I longed for them to have a HEA. But all the work he did to get her back went down the drain for me when he left her alone…at night…with no phone or keys.

Blaire’s dad…I have absolutely no respect for him. I know he had a heart-to-heart with both Rush and Blaire, but it was such a quick turnaround that I didn’t believe his contrition or explanation. He put his family through h*#& all because he was scared pansy. He wasn’t a man. He wasn’t even a father, let alone a dad. A real man doesn’t…a real dad, wouldn’t leave his teenage daughter to cope, alone, with her mother’s illness or her death. It’s all fine and dandy that he sent her to Rush, but he also sent her to Nan, knowing how Nan felt and how Nan would treat her. Instead of stepping up and explaining things, he let everyone treat Blaire like crap. And even worse, he let everyone badmouth the woman he claimed to love. That’s not love. I’m not quite sure what that was, but it definitely wasn’t love.

Nan…I loathe her. She is the most evil character outside of paranormal or romantic suspense novel. In those types of books, you expect evil but Nan is in a class of her own. I give Ms. Glines props for writing such a horrible character. There is nothing redeeming about her….at least for me. If I were Blaire, I wouldn’t want her around my kids either. I don’t care that she’s supposedly had a change of heart…I don’t buy it. Nan is extremely immature. Instead of laying blame on the right person, she was blaming someone innocent in the whole family mess. None of her issues were Blaire’s fault. Yes, I realize that Nan was just repeating (and believing) what her mother had told her, but…she’s an adult. Most adults are (somewhat) logical. She needs to learn to use her brain and realize that the people to blame for her childhood are her parents.

Nan and Grant...don’t get me started on them. Seeing as I hate her, I sincerely hope that they aren’t hooking up and that they don’t end up together. Grant can do so much better than her. I’m hoping that since Rush was with Blaire, Nan was just turning to Grant in a brotherly capacity to fill the Rush void.

*sigh* I wanted this book to be amazing. I wanted to love this book. Maybe I built it up in my mind and that’s why I was disappointed but unfortunately, I was left feeling like it was more filler than anything else. Like the story was broken up just to make it into multiple books. And I hate that.

I know that there will be a third book about Rush and Blaire; and I’ll read that book. I won’t be able to keep from reading that book. But I don’t want to see the characters completely ruined by another book. I loved Fallen Too Far and I want the character personalities from that book back.

I will continue with this series because I want to know what happens to the other characters but I sincerely hope that Woods & Grant stay true to their characters in future books and don’t suffer from multiple personalities too.