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The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead I had forgotten how much I loved Richelle Mead's books.

It's been so long since I read Bloodlines. Even thought I remembered the basic story, the finer details were lost to me. But they started coming back as I read The Golden Lily.

I'll admit, I wasn't completely sold on Adrian in The Vampire Academy. He was ok but I was firmly a fan of Dimitri. With that said, I hated to see him hurt by Rose. He didn't deserve that. And while I was curious about Sydney, and was intrigued that this series was from her POV, Adrian wasn't a huge draw for me. I just couldn't see how he would play a part in this series. I was pleasantly surprised by that revelation in Bloodlines and became intrigued by his storyline.

So, when The Golden Lily rolled around, I was itching to get back to the series and find out what's going on with Sydney, Adrian and Jill.

I can say that I am now a huge fan of Adrian. Every scene he's in makes me smile. I'm really hoping that something happens between Sydney and Adrian. It would be another forbidden relationship, but they are so great together. Adrian is the perfect combination of snark, sincerity, and hotness. I love that he bought his car just because he knew Sydney would love it. And that he pretended that he didn't know how to drive a stick so that she would spend time with him and teach him! I was cheering at the end when Adrian kissed her! And my heart broke when she walked out on him. :(

As for the story...I saw the twist with Trey coming. As soon as Sydney mentioned that tattoo on his back, I knew. I was actually surprised that she didn't figure it out sooner.

It was nice to see Sydney having a "normal" life for a change, but like the other characters, I wasn't a fan of Brayden. I was glad to see things end between them at the end of the book. I think he was a jerk for what he said and it was a cop-out way to end things, but I was glad to see the last of him (I sincerely hope it was the last of him).

I was actually glad to see Sydney walk away at the end. Don't get me wrong...I want Sydney and Adrian together, but it would have been against Sydney's character to stay. That kiss went against everything she has been taught, everything she knows, everything she has believed it. For her to stay, she's essentially throwing away being an Alchemist. And her biggest fear, in all the books, is that she'll kicked out or locked up by the Alchemists. She even mentioned it multiple times in this book. I want Adrian and Sydney together, but I'm ok with the relationship building slowly.

I can't wait to jump into the third book...and since it's already on my kindle...it's going to be soon!