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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead I loved this book. From the moment that I finished Golden Lily, this book has been on my mind. I was worried that if I read them back to back I would burn out and get bored. And I didn't want that to happen. So...I waited. I read other books all the while thinking about this one. Then finally, I decided that I had waited long enough. I was jumping in no matter what!

I must say...I loved it. That's not to say I didn't/don't have concerns about the book and/series, but I did love the book. I both loved and hated where The Golden Lily left off. It was a great moment in the book...and then it ended. But I was glad to see that not much time had passed between the end of Golden Lily and the start of Indigo Spell. I love Adrian. As I said in my review for GL, I wasn't completely in love with him in the Vampire Academy. I wanted Rose with Dimitri so I didn't let myself love Adrian. But...I do love him. Probably more than Dimitri and I didn't think that was possible. Adrian literally made me grin like a fool and swoon. He was amazing!

I haven't paid attention to information regarding this series, so I'm not sure if there are a set number of books or if it will be drawn out (Please let it be a set number). But I was a little concerned with the events of this book. I was intrigued by the discovery of Marcus in Golden Lily. I couldn't wait to find out about him and how he was able to leave the Alchemists. I anticipated a book about Sydney searching for him and digging for information. But she found him early in the book and spent the rest of the book trying to carry out his plans. I was disappointed in that. In the previous books, there have been dangers/issues associated with protecting Jill and dealing with the Moroi, Strigoi and Dhampirs but this book had none of that. That's not to say there wasn't danger and action, but it had nothing to do with Sydney's job of protecting Jill. Granted, there was some information unearthed about Jill's safety but that was a minor detail to the book. I love the twists and turns of the series and cherish every moment Sydney and Adrian spend together. He always cracks me up and they have such great scenes together.

This book was another great addition to a fantastic series.