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Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines Ok, I have no idea where to start with this review.

I loved this book. I also hated this book. Now, before you get turned off by that statement, let me explain. I hated how this book ended. You could easily call it a “to be continued…” but I call it cliffhanger. But it’s worse than that. It felt like the author got half way through the book and decided that it was long enough to be split into two so that’s what she did. Personally…I hate that. I don’t care if the book is 800 pages, give me the whole story! I’ve read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (as well as the other books)…I can take the length.

Now, back to “I loved this book”…once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. I was practically walking around while reading this book. I don’t think my eyes left the screen of my kindle for more than a moment. My dog was starting to give me funny looks.

I loved Blaire and Rush. They had so much chemistry that I couldn’t get enough of them. Honestly, they kind of reminded me of Daemon and Katy…so much chemistry that you could feel it coming off the pages. Rush was enough of a bad boy to leave you hot with just enough sweetness thrown in to make you melt. Blaire…she is one strong heroine Don’t worry Alyssa, you’ll like her…she’s not strong in a way you’ll hate.. She’s been through so much that I admire her; and my heart just broke for her.

I have to talk about Nan. She is a horrible witch with a capital B. While some could excuse her actions, and even understand where she’s coming from, I hated her….with every fiber of my being. I don’t excuse her. At. All. She was downright awful (bravo Ms. Glines, you wrote a great B-). Just an FYI, I need to vent, so, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t click on this: Nan was blaming Blaire for something that she had nothing to do with. The person at fault was Blaire’s father. But Nan saw fit to blame Blaire for everything. It’s not Blaire’s fault that Abe (a horrible name for someone that’s not honest), left his pregnant fiancé just because he had the hots for her friend. Not to mention the fact that the same friend turned him down because he was already in a relationship. Abe lied to her and said that the baby wasn’t his. He was a jerk. Worse than a jerk. But all of that doesn’t excuse Nan blaming Blaire. Blaire wasn’t even alive then. That’s just not cool. That’s immature and just plain stupid. Everything Nan grew up with was then inflicted on Blaire when Abe walked out on his grieving wife and daughter after the death of their daughter & sister. Abe is nothing but selfish. He was only out for his own pleasure and when times got hard, he walked away. Everywhere he went, he left pain and suffering behind. So, Nan blamed her half-sisters for the fact that she didn’t grow up with a father. But the reality is, it was all Abe’s fault. But is she mad at Abe? Not that I could tell. She now has her parents back together. She doesn’t care that her sister’s life was torn apart. Anyone that has done buddy reads with me knows that I’m a vengeful reader that is blood thirsty when it comes to characters I don’t like…so, with that said, I was cheering when Blaire pulled a gun on Nan near the end of the book. :D

Blaire & Rush’s parents…I have to say, I hated them. They were so immature that I wanted to drop kick them and go all Queen of Hearts on them (which seems to be a theme between me and characters lately). When I say they were immature, it wasn’t an annoying immature. It was selfish immaturity that left me questioning if they’ve ever had a thought in their heads. They were completely selfish. Ok…that venting from above…goes for this as well: And they didn’t care about anyone. Nan’s mother actually told her daughter (who was a young child) that she didn’t have a dad because he didn’t want her, and that he had another family that he loved. Yes, Abe was to blame, but…she poisoned Nan against her half-sisters before she even knew them. Nan’s mom was just hateful all the way around. Instead of blaming Abe for what she did, she blamed Blaire’s mother. She even blamed Blaire. And no one seemed to care that Blaire and her mom had lost their twin sister and daughter, they seemed to celebrate that Abe left them right after the death and came back to them.

The end of the book left me broken hearted. I love Rush, he’s such a great character. I felt so bad for him. I don’t agree with him keeping the secrets he did. He kept saying it was Nan’s secret to tell, but (to me) the truth was, it was Blaire’s secret to learn. He should have been honest and told her what was going on. She was an integral part of it and she deserved to know where she stood. But that final scene of the book…left my heart bleeding for Rush and Blaire. I’ve really enjoyed Ms. Glines books in the past, but this is definitely my favorite and probably the best yet. The wait for the next book is going to be interminable. I can’t wait to find out what happens next and if Blaire and Rush get the HEA they deserve.

So, with that said, Jenn…thank you for initially telling me about this book as well as letting me know when it came out. However I have to say…Curse you for hooking me on a series when I have to wait for the next book! But I’ll forgive you…eventually. :D