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The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken I’m really torn on how to rate this. Story wise, it’s probably a 4. But I had some issues.

1. The ages of the characters
Initially, I thought they were in their 30s. That worked for me. But then I found out that they were only 21-23. That didn’t work for me. It was almost hard to believe.
Example 1: Jake was the Billionaire (yes, with a B) CEO of the family’s company. And the board thought he needed to settle down. First of all, I have a hard time seeing a 21 year old as CEO right out of college. Second…why does he need to “settle down” at 21? I could understand him having to be more discrete about his private life but not settling down.

Going back to the age of the characters, there were times that I thought they were immature. Some of their antics were funny, but they were better suited to teenagers.

2. Jake
It really threw me off, having his POV. I completely see why it was needed. Seeing into his head did add to the story, but it threw me for a loop after reading the prologue from Travis’s POV. But I really disliked Jake. He was awful (great job by the author for that). He did have a turnaround at the end of the book, but I didn’t buy it. It was too quick and there wasn’t really anything throughout the book that would make him change. It was just abrupt for me.

3. Kacey
My issues with her were minor compared to the other issues. I just felt like her emotions were a little all over the place. In the beginning, she was in love with Jake and still hurt over what he did (understandable…he was horrible) but he was the guy she couldn’t get over. Then as soon as she saw Travis, her feeling for Jake turned into just a physical attraction because he was the hottest thing since sliced bread. That’s when she went to being attracted to both brothers. But, I did enjoy the journey of how she fell in love with Travis. That was definitely a well-built journey.

That’s pretty much it for issues. I loved Travis and Kacey together. Travis had a maturity about him (most of the time) that made me think he was older than his 23 years. I loved the beginning of the book. Young Travis was so cute in his confusion on how to treat girls. Jake acted like a stupid, immature, playboy 21 year old. Kacey, like Travis, at times was older than her age. I enjoyed those moments. I also enjoyed the scenes where they would joke around with each other. You could see the chemistry between them.

Overall, with the issues I had, it was only a 4. It was good, but not great.