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Strings - Kendall Grey Congratulations Ms. Grey. You have earned your very own shelf on GR.

Because of the recent comments by the author, I have decided that this book is not worth reading. And have since created not one, but 2 new shelves.

I'm pretty open about what books I read. I don't care if it's a clean book or a naughty (ie. hot) erotic book. As long as there's a story there, one I want to read, then I'll read it.

But there are some things I can't stand. The actions by this author is one of those things. Lately, when people write negative reviews they have been getting bullied by disagreeing readers or friends of the authors. This is not ok. Most people I know, and have talked to, hate writing negative reviews. But not all books work for all people. And all of my friends here on GR go to great lengths to not bash the author when they state what didn't work for them in the book. Don't readers deserve the same respect? Just because they don't like a particular book, or have issues with an aspect of the book is no reason to belittle them. They paid for your book. You're profiting from them reading it. Most readers keep the books they read. I don't know many that automatically return a book they didn't like. Even if they didn't like the book, most write a review that will help others understand why they rated it the way they did.

I don't pretend to be an author. But, I was a college student who had to write papers. Some long papers. Some that felt like they were the length of a novel. It's hard work. You pour everything into the project wanting a good reaction from it. The biggest difference is in college I'm getting graded instead of being paid.

But no matter what, you don't disrespect the people you are writing for. Ms. Grey could be the best author in the world but after her recent comments, I'll never be able to find out. If I tried to read her books, the only thing I would be able to think about is her opinion on GR members and her readers in general.

More information regarding this issue can be found on Confessions of 2 Book Lovers.