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Defiance (Significance, #3) - Shelly Crane OMG. This book left me speechless!

I can’t believe that I waited so long between this book and Accordance! (Sorry Alyssa…I couldn’t wait any longer to read it!)

Caleb is absolutely perfect. Maggie is staring to embrace who she is and become a part of his world.

I loved the twist with her dad! I didn’t see it coming that he would imprint. That’s a cool twist, and he’ll now have a better understanding of his daughter’s new life. It also means he won’t lose her.

I’m not too crazy with the other father revelation. In a way, who her “real” dad turned out to be was almost predictable. I’m also a little disappointed with this twist. I liked the idea of her being a human with no ties to Caleb’s world. To find out her bio dad is from Caleb’s word is disappointing.

And finally…Jen and Bish. They just keep breaking my heart. As happy as I am that they finally gave in and imprinted, I wasn’t crazy with the timing. If it had been near the end of the book I would have been fine, but THE LAST PAGE?!?!?!?!?! I didn’t get didn’t get to bask in it! But, all that aside, they finally imprinted!

And since I’m on Bish, I have to say, I loved his scenes with Maria! She is always adorable but they are so cute together!

Rodney…in the short time I knew him, I really liked him. I wanted to see him find his significant and be happy. I was NOT ok with what happened to him. It was Finnick all over again a useless death.

Overall, I really loved this book and I’m looking forward to reading the final installment to Maggie & Caleb’s story.