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Interesting Development...

So, I was really unsure about BookLikes when I started. Honestly, I only started this because I saw so many of my GR friends were moving over, or at least doubling up with it. And I agreed that it was good to have a backup of all my reviews. Don't get me wrong, I have them all saved as Word Docs (that's where I write them to being with), but I don't have the gifs and/or pics in there.


I started the Word docs a few years ago after I spent an hour pouring my heart out on a GR review and GR crashed (that stupid girl in a rocking chair) and it wouldn't save my review. So I lost everything. I don't remember what book it was for but I remember not liking my second attempt at the review.


But anyway, I'm getting off track...Like other people, I figured this would be a good backup for my reviews. I have a blog and I'm still on GR but I've found myself thinking more and more about this site. I've always seen GR as a place to chat, get recs and post updates (which I'm bad about doing. ). And my blog has been strictly reviews and pimping books (be it cover reveals, promos or blog tours). And don't get me started on FB. I have it (necessary for the blog) but I don't like it. I rarely use it (although I have been known to chat with a few people on it) and it's just there.


But as I was reading one of my current books (and contrary to what my currently reading shelf says, it's only 2), I discovered a new pet peeve and immediately started thinking about this site and how I can now vent in a post that wasn't limited to a set number of characters like GR status updates. And it wasn't a review because my rant would be about a specific issue and not the book as a whole.


So, the point to my rambling is...this is starting to feel like



And I think I'll start