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Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan This book was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems like it’s been forever since I read Undeniable reality is only 6 months…but 6 months is a long tome…er…time (an eternity) in book time. I’ve read a hundred of book since then. Most good, some bad…some not worth mentioning. But Undeniable was made up of characters that aren’t easily forgotten. The characters stuck with me. And I’ll admit…Deuce has become the benchmark I’ve held other biker heroes to. I’m not saying he was all good…he wasn’t. But he had his moments. The only one to live up to him was Zeke from Club Justice. But…Ripper came really close.

In some ways he was better. The cheating that was prevalent in Undeniable wasn’t there with Ripper…and I liked that. But Ripper still took us on a rollercoaster ride (which is what I’ve come to expect from Ms. Sheehan…she’s good at it).

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Ripper. He played such a small role in Undeniable that I didn’t have any real attachment to him. I felt bad for what he went through at the hands of Frankie but that’s about it. And I certainly couldn’t see him with Danny. I liked Danny. She was sweet and sassy. Plus, I knew Danny was with ZZ. That was said at the end of Undeniable. So my brain just couldn’t connect the dots on Danny and Ripper.

But from page one, I was hooked on the Ripper drama. I was intrigued by his feelings for Danny. They seemed to blindside him and he wasn’t sure which way was up after that. Danny saw beneath Ripper’s scars. She saw the good and beauty in him when other’s couldn’t or wouldn’t. I loved the time they spent together. And Danny had Ripper tied in knots. He was so conflicted about being with her but he couldn’t stay away.

Then came the inevitable drama. I didn’t agree with Ripper’s decision to leave. It seemed unnecessary to me. This and the fact that he refused to talk to Deuce about being with Danny annoyed me. I felt like he was chicken. He didn’t have the courage to fight for what he wanted. It wasn’t until he thought he was going to lose her to another guy that he worked up the balls to actually fight for what he wanted.

Danny wasn’t exempt from her own bad decisions. Some of her’s were heartbreaking. After Ripper left, she made one that I was surprised by. Not so much the action itself but the decision. I thought for sure she would have done it differently since she was so in love with Ripper. But, I understand her reasoning.

And speaking of Danny’s bad decisions…her friends. Anabeth was horrible. She was not a real friend. She was no better than Nikki or Miranda. She only wanted the club lifestyle and to sleep with as many guys as possible. And she used Danny to do it. As soon as she started asking for details about Ripper in bed, I would have cut her loose. And when I say details, I mean length, width, and stamina. And her reasoning was:

“Because,” she said pointedly. “If you ever get sick of big, scarred, and sexy, I want to know if he’s worth my time.”

Now, I’ve never been interested in a friend’s ex, or even the same guy as a friend (fictional heroes notwithstanding) but isn’t that part of the friend code…you don’t go after your bff’s ex? Anabeth was trashy and I was really hoping that she would go up the mountain and fall off…preferably onto jagged rocks below.

I actually loved that we got to catch up with Deuce & Eva... see how they handled the events from the end of their book. My heart broke for them. They were both Still suffering from the events. Deuce was being mentally tortured by Frankie's ghost. And since they weren't talking about it, they started pushing each other away. Deuce was still Deuce. He can be the biggest idiot going. Instead of talking to Eva about what was going on in his head. He walked away and left her to deal on her own. I have to say that impressed me. Her instinct is to run when things go bad. And while she thought about it, she ultimately decided to stay. That was progress for her. Even though it was Danny & Rippers book (and I wanted their story) I wouldn't have minded more Deuce & Eva. Oh and a word of advice for Deuce... Don't ever listen to Preacher's advice again. All it does is get you in trouble.

There were definitely twists and turns to this book. I’m even more intrigued with the characters now than I was before. I can’t wait for the other 3 books in the series. This series is a definite must read.

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