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Strangely Normal - Tess Oliver I’ll admit, I’m drawn to books where a character has an anxiety issue. It’s always interesting to see how the anxiety manifests as well as how the characters deal with the anxiety.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Eden hadn’t had the best life, but her parents were actually good parents, just immature, but it wasn’t an easy life. Eden and Finley had great chemistry as friends (Finley is a girl) and complimented each other well. Jude and Cole were great brothers to Finely. They were supportive of her and tried not to make things more difficult for her.

I really enjoyed the relationship and chemistry between Eden and Jude. Initially when the book started, I wasn’t sure which brother would end up being her love interest, but I was glad it was Jude. He had that bad boy artist vibe really working for him. They had some nice banter going and he didn’t care that she came from basically a different world.

This is my second book by Tess Oliver and she’s definitely gained a fan in me. I can’t wait to read more from her.