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Cruiser - Dee J. Stone 3.5 Stars

This was a decent book. It wasn’t horrible, but I didn’t love it so much that I couldn’t put it down. But, it was a satisfactory read.

I really liked Cruiser. He’s your typical bad boy that was trying to change, to be better. But he was a genuinely decent guy. He loved his brother and he loved a girl. Unfortunately, the girl was his brother’s girlfriend.

Lex…I’m not sure what to say. Overall, she was just ok. But to start out, I really didn’t like her. I get that she had been through a lot but her attitude was off the charts horrible. She was off-putting. When her attitude started to change, my feeling about her changed. I didn’t lover her, but I warmed up to her.

Rey. I didn’t like him. It’s as simple as that. He was the “perfect” brother. He could do no wrong in the eyes of his parents. But he was also a jerk and a coward. He let his brother take the fall for things he did and granted, in the book there weren’t many (but a few), but one was one too many. He never manned up and accepted responsibility. However, he did finally admit that he knew Lex and Cruise belonged together and that he kept them apart because he had something Cruise wanted.

Ok…the accident/drama…I was disappointed in it. From the way the book started, I thought for sure that Cruiser was driving the car when the accident happened. Lex blamed him so that had to be it. But that wasn’t it. He was blamed for something he didn’t do. Something he had no part in. He was blamed for being there with Lex when it happened. And I’m not talking about the parents, I’m talking about Lex blaming him. It really boiled down to Lex couldn’t handle her own guilt for not paying attention to her sister so she blamed Cruiser. And it was extreme. Just seeing him at her house (for a perfectly logical reason) had her threatening to call the police. It was just…off putting.

So, overall, this was a decent story, with a great guy (Cruiser) who was in love with a girl who felt so guilty she blamed him and took it out on him. There’s definitely some drama but not a lot of angst, which I was happy about. I would definitely say this is a book worth checking out. And I would definitely read more from the author.

Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.