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Blood Rush (Vampire Erotica #1) - Michelle Fox I have to say, I love the fact that vampires live out in the open. I haven’t seen many paranormal books where that’s the case, but I always find them fascinating. I love seeing how the vampires and humans adapt to each other. How they relate. And the take the authors have on it. This book was no different. I was instantly intrigued by Myra's new job...blood courtesan. And her first suitor...Kristos. He was definitely yummy.

I loved his reactions to Myra. I loved how he took care of everything after she made a memorable entrance for their first meeting.

This book was full of action. I was actually quite surprised by that (in a good way). In the past I've found that shorter books lack story in some way but this one was extremely entertaining. It kept me hooked from page one. Myra was an awesome heroine. She was brave and had a great sense of humor. I thought of quoting her but honestly couldn't narrow down which quotes I liked most and realized I would be practically quoting the whole book. She definitely had me cracking up. And the sex scenes....HOT!!!!

My only complaint about this book was the length; that it was short and I didn't get the whole story. But, seeing as I already have the second book on my kindle, I can't complain too much. ;)

The author has amazing talent for being able to pack so much into a short a book and give it the feel of a longer story. I didn't feel like things were rushed and that things were overlooked or sacrificed. I can't wait to read more books by her.

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

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