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Cage by Harper Sloan Review

Cage - Harper Sloan

This book was just ok for me. Harper Sloan is definitely talented. I don’t deny that. But this book just didn’t work for me (overall). Like I said, I liked Cage, but even that like wasn’t the same like I had for him in Axel. He just felt different. It wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t the same.

In Axel, Greg Cage annoyed me. I wanted to give him a Gibbs head slap. He kept interfering with Axel and Izzy and that annoyed me to no end. But toward the end of Axel, Greg Cage redeemed himself. I came to love him. I was excited for his book. And that’s why it pains me to give his only 3 stars.

I’ll start off with the story…I liked it. It was good. It was interesting. I thought the non-romantic connection between Greg and Melissa was a nice twist. And I just knew that when it blew up, she would freak. And I wasn’t disappointed. I loved seeing more of the guys from Corps Security.

Cage…I was disappointed in him. At the end of Axel, and even in the beginning of Cage, he was hot, he was alpha, he Was AWESOME!!!! (and pierced ;) but that’s neither here nor there ;) ) . But somewhere along the way, Cage changed. And my thinking of him changed. When he was a hot alpha, he was Cage. But then he became Greg when he started to hand in his alpha man card.



Melissa…I didn’t connect with her. I admired that she worked hard to take care of her mom and her nephew but other than that, I didn’t like her. Whenever Cage and Melissa were together, she went all alpha and he went all submissive. It just didn’t work for me. I’ll all for strong heroines but I as I read, I kept wondering what they saw in each other since they didn’t fit for me.

My favorite parts of the book were Cage’s psycho bed buddy Mandy and the Corps Security kids. Mandy always brought hijinks into her scenes. And I loved Nate and Cohen. They made the story for me.

Even though this book wasn’t a huge hit with me, I can’t wait to continue with the Corps Security guys. I still enjoyed Harper Sloan’s work and I can’t wait for the rest of the series but I can’t say this will be a must re-read for me.