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Review: Spark by Brooke Cumberland

SPARK  - Brooke Cumberland

I put of reading this book for one reason only…I heard it had a cliff hanger. And that was partly right. Because actually, where the epilogue ends, I was satisfied with the ending. Ok, yes. There were unanswered questions. But as far as I was concerned, the couple met, got together, faced drama & issues, broke up and got back together. I’m all good. But alas. That’s not the end.

There was definite drama in this book. Velaney came from a messed up childhood. I felt bad for her. Initially, all her "swear words" were annoying and pulled me out of the story. But after it was explained why she didn't swear, I didn't mind them. And I loved the scene where Eric helped her get over one particular word.

My biggest complaint (oddly enough, it wasn't the cliff)...my biggest complaint had to do with Aiden. It wasn't Aiden himself. He was evil, no doubt about it. But I really didn't understand how he escaped prosecution. He was released from jail because "Velaney was lying and he didn't do it"...yet they caught him in her apartment, attacking her and after she was checked out at the hospital, she was asked about the scaring she had and said Aiden was the one who caused it...and yet, HE WAS LET OUT!? I cry foul on that. There is no way that he would be let out. And if he were, there would have at least been a restraining order against him. But no, there was nothing. And because of the lack of consequences for him, the whole story line didn't feel real. He needed punishment. And even if he wasn't sent to prison (or to be drawn & quartered, which he deserved), because of book 2, he should have still been in jail or under investigation. But after getting checked out at the hospital, she never once talked to the police. Never filed a report. There was nothing.

I could overlook those issues when I knew that there was a second book. I'm hoping that there will be some kind of development in the case against Aiden.