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Review: Burn by Brooke Cumberland

BURN  - Brooke Cumberland

I was excited to start Burn. I enjoyed Spark and couldn't wait to find out what happened to Valaney and Eric. But early into the book, I started having issues.

My first red flag was Eric pulling out a c*ck ring. That in and of itself wouldn't be a huge deal...if it wasn't completely out of left field. There was no talk of or even any indication of Eric liking to use sex toys in Spark. So for him to pull it out...on a trip to introduce Valaney to his family...was odd. It didn't sit right with me.

My next red flag that actually had me calling


After everything that Aiden had put Valaney through, and after her mom refused to believe her... her mom still had balls to come and tell Valaney that Aiden was sick...no, she wasn't going to admit that Aiden had done horrible things to Valaney, she came to tell her he had cancer. Then she had the nerve to come say that if Valaney didn't donate bone marrow, she was killing her brother. Um...


Um. Let me think about this for a second...No. Not gonna happen. Then, Velaney decides to be a good person and go through with it. I'm sorry, maybe I'm a bad person but if someone did to me what Aiden did to her, I wouldn't be going out of my way to donate ANYTHING to save them.


That leads me the Eric issues…Eric finally gets a POV and he’s got all this repressed drama that raises its ugly head when they visit his parents. During the visit there was a long of tension between Eric and one of his cousins. Apparently Eric lost his best friend right after they graduated from high school. And it was under suspicious circumstances…well…suspicious to me. Eric got into it with his cousin about what happened and he only got half the story. I kept waiting for something else to happen, and while more was revealed, it only explained half of the tension. I still say that there was something the cousin was keeping from Eric about his friend’s death. And unfortunately, I’ll never know what it was because that was never wrapped up.


Another big issue I had with this book (actually both books) is the lack of police presence in the stories. I wrote it off in the first one knowing that there was a second book and I figured that it would be addressed in this book. But it wasn’t. After Velaney was attacked in the first book, she was taken to the hospital to get checked out and the nurse mentioned giving the cops information about what happened and about the previous trauma Velaney had suffered at the hands of the same person. But that was the end of it. The police never talked to Velaney. They never interviewed her, never investigated the number of crimes committed by Aiden. And the clincher for me crying BS was near the end when Velaney’s dad shoots someone and the police never show up. Velaney leaves her parent’s house like nothing happened and was never interviewed by the police about what prompted her dad to shoot the guy. It just didn’t make sense!


I wanted to love this book…heck, I would have settled for liking this book. But I didn’t. And at one point, I didn’t think I would even be able to finish it. But after venting to my friend about it, I persevered and kept with it. Yes, things were wrapped up, but there were so many irritating useless dramatic scenes that I got frustrated with this book. There were times that I felt like the angst was manufactured just to stretch out the length of the book.


I don’t dispute that Brooke Cumberland has talent, she does. And for the overall story, stretching over the two books, I did enjoy it. But I had major issues with Burn and that put a damper on my enjoyment of it.


Even with my issues, I would be willing to read more from Brooke Cumberland in the future.