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REVIEW: The Highland Dragon's Lady by Isabel Cooper

The Highland Dragon's Lady - Isabel Cooper

When I first read the description of this book, I thought it sounded good. I was a little unsure of the Dragon portion of the book just because even though I think the authors mean this:

All I can picture is this:

And that just makes me giggle and lose interest. But that's what I remember from my childhood of Dragons so...it's a constant battle with my imagination while reading.

While this did involve Colin being a dragon, it wasn't him constantly turning into one, so there weren't that many scenes where I had to battle not to picture the funny one.

This book was a lovely combination of historical romance, paranormal, mystery and shapeshifter (yes, it's part of paranormal but it's also different).

I was intrigued from the first page. Colin is visiting with a friend's family in the country and on the first night, someone sneaks into his room. This is a total accident because it wasn't supposed to be Colin's room. But it sets the scene for some lovely sexual tension between Colin and Regina aka Reggie. During this exchange, Regina unexpectedly learns what Colin is...and we learn that Reggie is special herself. So these characters are instantly connected because they're different.

I loved them together. Neither were expecting to meet someone but they did. They didn't meet someone like them, but they met someone that accepted them for who they were.

I was surprised by the ghost/haunting element. I didn't expect to actually like it. It was the main plot device to move the story forward (I'm not complaining) and it was full of action. I was quite literally glued to my kindle because I couldn't put it down. I had to know what happened next! I found it refreshing that the major fight/battle scene wasn't saving the heroine. Yes, protecting her and making sure the bad guy/ghost/thing didn't go after her was a consideration for Colin but overall, he wasn't fighting to save the heroine from the evil clutches of the ghost. And that was refreshing.

This was my first book by the author but it definitely won't be my last. I found this to be very enjoyable and would definitely read more!