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Love Jessica Lemmon! 4 Stars from The Millionaire Affair!

The Millionaire Affair - Jessica Lemmon

I seriously love Jessica Lemmon’s writing. This is my second book by the author and again, she pulled me into the story.

I really enjoyed Landon & Kimber’s story. I love the history between them and how she had a crush on him going back to their childhood. However, no matter how great Landon was (and he was beyond great), he just doesn’t live up to Evan. He stole my heart in Bringing Home the Bad Boy and there’s no topping him.

I loved seeing Evan and Lyon in this book. It was nice to see them prior to their book.

One of the things I loved most was that over the course of the book, you get to see “The Tin Man” unrust and start feeling again. I love the way Landon opened up around Kimber. Some of my favorite parts were when Kimber was babysitting for Lyon. Lyon was full of energy and kept Kimber and Landon on their toes.

Kimber and Landon had great chemistry. I just wish they had listened to themselves and each other instead of other people. Well…I wish Kimber hadn’t listened to other people. I really disliked her mom. Yeah, she was excited about being a grandmother but she was so blinded and bitter by events in her past that she gave Kimber bad advice. She thought about herself and not her daughter and what she would want. This is the second book with Gloria in it and the second time she’s given crappy advice to someone about a Downey brother. I can honestly say that I really dislike her. Based on what happened in Bringing Home the Bad Boy, I’m assuming she’s going to get a book and while I’m looking forward to it because of who the guy is and because it’s going to be by Jessica Lemmon, it’s going to take a lot of work to make me care about Gloria’s HEA.

On to the next Jessica Lemmon book!

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