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REVIEW: Last Hit: Reloaded by Jen Frederick & Jessica Clare

Last Hit: Reloaded - Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

I enjoyed this book much more than the previous book about Nick and Daisy. 

In Last Hit: Reloaded, the relationship is already established between Daisy and Nick, so the action happened quicker, keeping the book moving and keeping me hooked. 

I think the life they’re building together is an interesting one, and wouldn’t mind seeing more about it. 

I was especially interested in the McFadden development for Nick. I don’t really trust McFadden but I could easily see a series about Nick working with McFadden happening. I think it would be interesting. 

I can’t say I enjoyed the Christine storyline. I felt bad for Daisy, that she was having trouble making friends, but I never really liked Christine. I felt bad for her situation, but she did nothing but use Daisy and Daisy accepted that because Christine was her “friend”. I’ll admit that I’m slightly curious about what happened to Christine at the end, but mostly for closure and verification that she is indeed out of Daisy’s life. 

Overall, this was a good story, with decent action and many more steamy scenes than the first book.