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REVIEW: Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead

Silver Shadows - Richelle Mead

I love this series. I love Sydney and I especially love Adrian. 

However, I can’t say I loved this book. There were parts I loved, parts that were full of action and movement, but there were parts that were just boring too. Overall, I couldn’t put this down. From the moment I started, I was glued to my kindle. I only stopped when I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

The previous book had the worst cliffhanger ever. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the re-education center that Sydney was at. The author had dropped hints in previous books about how bad they were, but I never thought she would actually go there and show exactly how bad they were. I’m not complaining that she did, I just didn’t expect it from her or the books.

One of my favorite moments whas when Adrian and Sydney finally connected in their dreams. I was so glad that they were finally moving forward with escape/finding her. And of course, them together always equals great moments. They’re probably one of my favorite book couples ever.

I wasn’t expecting all the events in Vegas, but I love what Adrian did to make it special for Sydney. I want a guy like that. I also loved the scene on the airplane taking Adrian and Sydney back to court.

Throughout the book, Sydney’s POVs were always moving, something was always happening, there was always danger. But Adrian started to irritate me. I guess I was a little disappointed that he fell off the wagon to the extent he did. Especially when he started going days and weeks without looking for Sydney in his dreams. However, I also got the feeling that Nina will come back to play a part in the anti-Adrian/Sydney story in the final book. I can totally see her teaming up with Wesley.

My biggest disappointment was Lissa and Rose. The further away from Rose’s books (Vampire Academy series) I get, the less I like her and Lissa. I realize that things have changed, that Lissa is now queen and has other things on her mind, but she wouldn’t be where she was if not for the support of her friends. And last time I checked, Adrian was a friend of theirs. And it also pissed me off that they didn’t take him and his request for help seriously. Especially since they have a similar bond that Adrian has with Jill and they know that if he’s that upset that it will affect Jill. The more I see of Lissa, the less respect I have for her and the less I like her. I don’t think she cares about anyone but herself.

After the events in Vegas, and the reception back at court, it had a final feel to the story. So it left me wondering what more they would/could face in the next book. But the author definitely came up with something and dropped that little cliff in at the end. So now, I’m dying to read the next (and final) book of the series.

As always, my Adrian: