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REVIEW: Property Of...by CP Smith

Property Of - CP Smith

I loved the concept of this book. I loved that Nicola was an author. I loved her process and how her friends got caught up in the research for her first contemporary book. 

Dallas was a great alpha. I loved the way that Dallas and Nicola met. I died laughing. And every "meet" after that was pure gold. I actually wish there had been more time they spent either together or dancing around each other before they were drawn into the murder mystery. 

With each book, I think the author gets better and better at the insta-love theme. The whole book takes place over a couple of weeks, but it feels like months (in a good way). So much happens that you forget that Dallas and Nicola just met. 

My one complaint (and this was a personal thing) was how during certain events in the book, Nicola would start telling it in a historical romance narrative and while it was ok, and worked in the scene in the bar, every other time, I would have preferred to read the actual events. Like I said, it was a personal opinion. 

Overall, I've really come to enjoy this author's work and I look forward to her next book.