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REVIEW: Calling Card by Ashley Suzanne

Calling Card - Ashley Suzanne

After coming off a horrible read, I didn’t know what to read next. I spent the longest time going through my kindle, looking at what was on it, looking up those books, hoping something would jump out at me. Nothing did…until this.


I’ve had this on my kindle for a while. But kept putting it off. I deeply regret that now. I devoured this in one sitting. I absolutely loved it. It was just what I needed, so it’s probably a good thing I put it off until now.


The book is told entirely from Dex’s POV. That was interesting and unique. You don’t often find a book solely from the guy’s POV. I think it worked here. Granted, I wish I’d been able to see into Briar’s head a few times, but Dex’s story was so interesting that I’m not ticked that I didn’t see into her head.


As the blurb indicates, Dex is a manwhore. He had a well honed system of leaving his card with a rating on the back. It was an interesting system to say the least. Yes, the ratings were not cool under any circumstances but he did have a system that provided a story. When a story was written about him, things were revealed and his calling card system was revealed, people are canceling contracts with him left and right and vilifying him in the press. Dex did make a good point during this…at no time did he ever mess with a model or business contact. The women he had one-night-stands with were random women he met in bars. He never jeopardized his career, contacts or contracts. But I loved his friendship with Briar and her daughter. He was so sweet with them and right where he belonged. I have to say that his family story was just heartbreaking. When he found something his father left him, I started crying. It was so sweet and sad.


As I was looking this up on to see what it’s about, I realized that this will be my first book by Ashley Suzanne and I’m shocked by that. I know I’ve got many of her books on my TBR list, some on my kindle and at least one on my book shelf (I met her, she’s awesome!) so I was extremely surprised that I hadn’t actually read one of her books before. I really enjoyed that so I’ll definitely be picking up more from her in the future.