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REVIEW: The Road to You by Melissa Toppen

The Road to You - Melissa Toppen

I love Melissa Toppen's books. She always takes me on a roller-coaster (which is ironic since I actually hate roller coasters!

I loved how the book started with a scene from the past, with Kam and Elara. The auto really did a great job of showcasing the friendship, affection and love between Kam and Elara.

Even though I had all the faith in the world that the author would make me love this story, I was worried. With all the "flashbacks"/past scenes, I just couldn't see how Elara was going to end up with Kane. Would it be believable!? Would there be chemistry!? Would it feel like he was just a replacement for Kam!?

I honestly shouldn't have worried, because the author took her time. Setting up the friendship and eventual relationship between Kane and Elara. I loved seeing them slowly fall for each other as their friendship developed. But, like I said...roller-coaster...I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it did. I was practically reading with my eyes closed because I couldn't watch as things blew up.

Things definitely blew up. I was expecting it, just not quite in the way it happened. But it had to happen so that there wouldn’t be any issue or confusion between the characters as to who was being chosen and why.

I have to say that I loved the way Kane loved Elara. I loved seeing him so into her and how much he wanted her.

This book definitely surprised me, in such a good way, and I definitely recommend it!