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REVIEW: Moonlight Sins (de Vincent, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Moonlight Sins - Jennifer L. Armentrout

OMG. This book was just amazing. I’m talking, can’t put down pure awesomness.

I’ll admit, prior to starting this book, I’d seen reviews online and they made me question my decision to read this. Yeah, they were all good reviews, but some of the things that were being said left me feeling like this wasn’t going to be a book for me. Or at least, not at the moment. What if I hated it!? I love JLA’s books. I haven’t read a bad one yet. But what if this was the first? What if it was awful!? So, with much trepidation, I opened my kindle and started. And I’ll be honest…the only reason this book wasn’t read in one sitting is because I’ve been sick with a cold. No matter how hard I tried, I kept dozing off. And every time I dozed off, I’d dream about the book, just to wake up and start the process all over again.

This book definitely stuck with me while reading. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Yes, it’s a romance (heavy on the romance *wiggling eyebrows*, but at the same time, it’s so much more. It has mystery, suspense, secrets, intrigue! I loved the characters and the way the story unfolded. Bit by bit, like peeling an onion. Each reveal kept me trapped in my kindle, waiting for the next thing I’d learn about the characters.

I loved Lucian and Julia. I loved watching them banter and dance around each other. I loved watching them get to know each other. They just kept me enthralled. Honestly, when the book was over, I wasn’t ready to let them go. I wanted more. I wanted to see more of them making their life together, being a team and see where their future goes.

I really loved how entranced Lucian was with Julia. When he told her about his family history, and how the de Vincent men fall hard and fast, you could see it happening to him, even as he wasn’t ready to admit it. I loved how protective he was, how he couldn’t stay away from her. Every time they were together, it was pure magic.

While I was definitely a little hesitant going in, this book ended up being amazing. I hated that it ended and wanted to stay with the characters longer. I can’t wait for the next book!