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Sizzle (Bad Boy Rockers, #1) - Lexi Buchanan This is one of the rare books that is going to get a half star from me. My actual rating is 3.5.

I'll admit that prior to starting this book, I felt a book funk coming on. I hate that feeling, nothing was appealing to me. But once I read the description of this book, it started screaming at me. I started it immediately. What's not to love? A bad boy who's got tattoos and piercings. Throw in the fact that he's a musician (of the unfamous variety image) and I'm hooked.

I wanted to love this book, and there were pars that I did love. But as I was reading, I couldn't help but think that while the premise was good, the execution was off. Things just didn't come together for me.

I really did like Jack until I hit somewhere near the 50% mark. Then he turned into an indecisive yo-yo and there's only so much I can take of that. By the end, I had lost interest and didn't care if he got his HEA. If I had been Thalia, I would have walked away from him.

Something else that bothered me was Thalia suddenly calling Jack by his former nickname (Phoenix). I didn't like the change and found it kind of cheesy. It just didn't fit. No one else called him that (anymore) and she didn't know him when they did call him Phoenix in the past.

There were also some inconsistencies with Jack's parents. They were set up as jerks from page one, then in the end they were completely ok with everything. Now, granted, it's nice to see supportive parents, but their actions didn't fit with the people I had come to know.

Even with my issues, I would read more from this author and more of this series. I can't wait to find out what happens to Reece and Donovan.