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Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout OMG. I'm speechless and my emotions are all over the place.

I don’t know that I have words to describe what I just read. I think the best way to describe my current state is shell shocked. So, if you don’t mind following along with my rambling random thoughts, I’ll try and piece a review together.

I’ll start off with the end of Onyx. I literally counted down the days to the release of Onyx and bought it the second it went on sale. I spent the whole day and night reading, only stopping when I absolutely had to. And then the end of the book came and I was left with months of waiting for the next book…this book. I thought the wait would be horrendous and never-ending. I was shocked that it actually passed quite quickly (that’s what happens when you find a bunch of great books to read ). I just checked Opal on Amazon a few days ago and saw that the release date was December 11, 2012; so I started planning what books I was going to read (and have finished) before that date came. Because as soon as Opal was released, I planned to do nothing but sit and read…until the end. Now, imagine my surprise when a friend asked what I was reading and after a discussion about possible books she informed me that Opal was out. If I’m remembering correctly, I literally did this:

which was quickly followed by this,



and this

That happy dance…quite literal. I started dancing in my chair (at the computer), then in front of my computer, then all over the house. I bounced off the walls all the way to my kindle to download Opal. I couldn’t start it fast enough.

I loved every moment of this book. I loved the interactions between Katy and Daemon. I love that they are now a couple there were a few heart stopping moments when I worried that they would break up at some point. But I was extremely happy to see that my worries were unfounded. and they both delight in that fact. Don’t take that to mean that Daemon changed…because he didn’t. He definitely still had his jerky ways that were so irritatingly funny. He’s one of the great characters that knows how to be charming, irritating, funny and hot all at the same time. And just because Katy admitted she loved Daemon, doesn’t mean that she became a wimpy heroine. Quite the opposite. She still gave as good as she got. She was able to stand up for herself without relying on any of the Luxen to saver her. She still had her stupid, hair brained ideas but she was also tougher after the events in the second book. She knew what she was capable of and wasn’t willing to be the damsel in distress and let everyone take care of her. She could hold her own and she definitely showed that at different points in the book.

As to be expected, some characters experienced some changes due to Adam’s death in book 2, and while I understood them, I wasn’t a fan of them. I loved Dee in Obsidian and Onyx. I loved her friendship with Katy and her sibling bond with Daemon. Because of the events that led to the changes, she was almost unrecognizable. My heart broke when she told Katy that their friendship was beyond repair. That’s not what I wanted to see. I completely understood where she was coming from, but I wasn’t happy. I didn’t expect an instant fix, but that would have rang false and angered me, but just a glimpse of hope would have been nice. Luckily, I did get that later in the book. There is a nice scene where Dee walks in on Daemon and Katy in the middle of a heated make out session and later invites Katy shopping for a prom dress. where you get a glimpse that Katy and Dee can form a new friendship.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Blake … (although I much prefer Biff …or…Barf). According to Katy, Biff is supposed to be good looking, but after the crap he pulled in Onyx, I only see him like this:

If there was ever a character I wanted to push off a cliff and never hear from again, it’s him. After all the crap that went down in book two, I had this reaction to him showing up in this book:

I was definitely on Katy and Dee’s side and wanted to do this to him:

I completely understand Dawson and Daemon’s reasons for agreeing to work with Biff, but I had the same reaction as everyone else in the book

Needless to say, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop with Biff.

And of course…it did. I knew it was coming, I saw it coming, it was too good to be true for him to have reformed, and I was still

What I didn’t see it coming, was the worst (best) ending ever. It was the type of ending you never want to see in a book when the follow-up book has no release date. My heart both soared and dropped with the end of the book. Daemon finally said those three words to Katy… “I love you.”
Katy gets cut off from Daemon and trapped in Daedalus headquarters with Arum. My heart dropped…and just thinking about the wait to find out how & when Daemon gets her out makes my heart sink.

This is definitely one of my favorite ongoing series. So far, all three books have left me feeling like